1010 Music


1010 Music Toolbox – Touchscreen Sequencer & Function Generator Eurorack Module

The 1010 Music Toolbox is a Eurorack module featuring a large touch screen. It features a range of MIDI control voltage connectors, enabling the Toolbox to function as a central interface for a range of different hardware in your Eurorack setup.

    • 1010 Music Toolbox PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Toolbox is a musically intelligent control module capable of driving a rack full of gear. It features both MIDI and Control Voltage connections for interfacing with all kinds of different hardware. Toolbox takes full advantage of the integrated 3.5″ touch screen to give immediate access to sequences, parameters, and events. The screen provides a full overview of all the active notes and events. It even offers touch based scrolling and zooming, just like a smart phone, to make editing easy and fun. Toolbox is a great way to be creative on your terms.

      4 Rhythm Sequencers
      1-32 steps
      Step size from 1/64th note to 8 bars
      Available internally and through dedicated gate outputs
      Can trigger the Note sequencers
      4 Polyphonic Note Sequencers, each with the following independent controls
      1-32 steps
      Step size from 1/64th note to 8 bars
      Note duration for all events
      MIDI channel
      MIDI Port
      Clock source (internal, external, & rhythm sequencers)
      Transposition in semitones with option to quantize to scale
      Piano Roll editing with fast, touch screen interface
      Sequencer Output via dedicated CV+Gate output and MIDI
      Clock source selectable via internal, external, & rhythm sequencers
      4 Function Generators
      3 LFOs with standard waveforms
      1 Bar CV sequencer
      Free running or synchronized to the master beat clock
      Input serves as source for recording sequences live or via step entry
      Outputs transmit gate and control signals to other devices
      CV inputs
      Serve as clock sources for gate and note sequencers
      Can be used as modulators for sequence step count, step length, transposition, etc.

      Series 2 Module Firmware Switching:
      Toolbox is our first Series 2 module, which is a different hardware platform from Series 1 (bitbox, fxbox, and synthbox). You can download updates simply by signing up at forum.1010music.com, downloading the new firmware and following the instructions on the forum.
    • 1010 Music Toolbox TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      26 HP
      +12V: 350mA
      -12V: 0mA
      5V: 0mA
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