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ACME Motown DI WB-3 Direct Box

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Motown wouldn't have been Motown without the magic inside this little box. The Acme Audio Motown DI WB3 sounds fantastic. The D.I - WB-3 has emerged after ACME wanted to give the original Motown “Direct Box” a new life! This is the replica of the original DI that created the sound used on nearly all 60s/70s Motown recordings. Utmost precision in manufacturing were undertaken to maintain as close as possible to the original transformers. If you want that retro tone this is the DI for you.


      ACME Audio, in an effort to perfectly replicate the quality and sound of the original Motown D.I., tracked down the original manufacturer of the coveted transformer and enlisted them to start making them again after 35 years. As a result, the Motown D.I. WB-3 is built to the exact specs with the same materials as the originals, and exhibits the same audio character and lack of low frequency magnetic saturation that sets it apart from all similar devices. The limited edition Wolfbox III DI units are sold out – but that same audio character and sound quality has been recreated in this unit. These units are hand-crafted in Detroit and produced in limited quantity.

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Need more info on the D.I WB-3? Click HERE for the ACME website >>>