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Adam Audio


ADAM Audio Studio PRO SP-5 Headphones

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The ADAM STUDIO PRO SP-5 circumaural closed-back headphones are designed for professional use, with a balanced and dynamic response for monitoring and mixing in the studio or with a mobile setup.

    • Adam Audio Studio PRO SP-5 Product Features:

      The ADAM SP-5’s transducers contain a 40 mm gold plated diaphragm allowing a wide frequency response from 8 Hz to 38 kHz, excellent transient response, and low distortion. Reproducing sound with pristine resolution across the entire bandwidth, the sensitivity of 95 dB @ 1 mW per ear enables the listener to exploit its generous dynamic capabilities when listening.

      The ADAM SP-5 utilizes Ultrasone’s patented S-LOGIC ® Plus technology, allowing excellent analysis of the sound staging and long hours of fatigue-free listening. Isolating padding and a total weight of just 290 grams give maximum wearing comfort with these professional studio headphones.

      With an impedance of 70 Ohms and interchangeable cables (3 m spiral cable with gold-plated 6.3 mm jack and 1.2 m straight cable with gold-plated 3.5 mm jack included), the ADAM SP-5 is suitable both for usage in any studio environment as well as mobile setups. A rugged case protects the headphones from being damaged when not in use and during travel. The ADAM SP-5 is hand-crafted in Germany.

      Designed and manufactured in collaboration with Ultrasone, the ADAM SP-5 headphones were engineered with a specific goal in mind — to allow professional musicians, producers and engineers access to a portable form of monitoring with the excellent transient response and tonal balance of ADAM Audio’s professional monitor speakers.


      -Closed back, circumaural headphone with detachable cable

      -Gold plated 40 mm transducer

      -Impedance: 70 Ohm

      -Frequency Response: 8 Hz - 38 kHz

      -Sensitivity @ 1 mW per ear: 95 dB

      -S-LOGIC ® Plus technology

    • Adam Audio Studio PRO SP-5 Technical Specifications:


      Closed back, circumaural dynamic headphone



      Detachable Cable


      Transducer Ø

      40 mm (gold plated)

      Frequency Response

      8 Hz - 38 kHz

      Sensivity @ 1 mW per ear

      95 dB


      70 Ohm


      0.64 lbs (0.29 kg)


      5 years (2 years warranty plus 3 years optional with product registration)

      Delivery Contents

      3 m spiral cable with gold-plated 6.3 mm jack, 1.2 m straight cable with gold-plated 3.5 mm jack, design case, manual