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AEA Microphones R84A - Active Ribbon Microphone

The AEA R84A is an active version of the R84 ribbon mic, and essentially offers the same tone colour, just with an additional 12 dB of gain. This makes the R84A a particularly special microphone for recording softer sound sources. The R84A has superseded the A840 ribbon microphone in AEA's catalogue.  

    • AEA Microphones R84A PRODUCT FEATURES:

      The R84A: An Active Version
      For those who cannot always have the right preamp available, AEA offers the Active R84A (formerly known as the A840), a premium version of the R84 complete with JFET electronics and the same custom transformer used in our active R44. It’s basically an R84 with a built-in preamp.

      The extra 12db of output is a huge help when recording quiet sources like vocals and soft acoustic guitars. The active circuitry also prevents noise, interference on long cable runs or when operating near large lighting rigs. The R84A requires standard 48-volt phantom power to operate the active circuitry. The R84A also possesses an 18-carrot, gold-plated grill.

      Max SPL: 141 + dB SLP (1% third harmonic > 1 kHz)
      Sensitivity: 6.3 mV/Pa (-44dBv/Pa) into unloaded circuit
      Output Impedance: 92 Ω broadband
      Recommended load Impedance: 1.0 KΩ or greater
      Phantom Power: P48 phantom power, 7 mA

      Softcase, user manual, captive 10” (3 meter) output cable with XLR-3M
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