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AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ Headphones with ultra-low latency and lossless audio

The AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ Headphone are the world’s first wireless headphones for music creators.

Empowering music creators with the freedom to create wirelessly. The TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ is a versatile professional headphone, designed for today’s dynamic creative workflow.

Featuring new W+ Link technology for ultra-low latency and lossless audio, added Bluetooth 5.0 with +80h playback, and a coiled hi-fi cable.

Part of the TMA-2 modular headphone system, renowned for its sturdy build and responsible design. Modularity allows users to upgrade or replace the individual headphone parts as technology or needs evolve, to extend the functional lifetime of the product and create less waste for the planet.

W+ Link gives a stable, ultra-low latency (16ms) wireless connection - perfect for latency-free creation in almost all situations, for example playing piano and guitar, using midi-controllers, and mixing. 16ms is just at the human perception threshold and unlocks a latency-free wireless experience for music creation. In some specific situations where your senses are especially sensitive to latency, like when recording your own voice, you might be able to feel it.

To show how this differs from Bluetooth that we all know well, the below graph shows the audio for different Bluetooth codecs compared to W+ Link. The latency for all Bluetooth codes are substantially higher than W+ Link and you can easily hear it. Also important is how the latency for Bluetooth goes up and down depending on e.g. surroundings, which makes it impossible for you to compensate for it in your creative workflow.