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AirTurn BT500S-6 Analog Controller


NEW and Improved version of the BT200S-6!

Now with Bluetooth 5, you can get more power, speed, and range from your setup.

Freshly equipped with two 1/4"analog inputs for adding pedals that can be programmed to control variable parameters, such as volume, wah effects, or scroll speed.

Enjoy 200+ hours of use with each battery charge, along with an even faster and more responsive experience.

Footswitch control in a stompbox design that easily integrates with your pedal board. Get six switches with analog expansion ports to maximize your control options!


  • Program controls for volume, wah effects, or scroll speed
  • Send MIDI commands and custom DAW keys
  • Start and stop backing tracks and metronomes
  • Turn pages, read music, scroll lyrics and tabs
  • Cue audio, lighting, and effects
  • Capture video, photos, and more!