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AKG K812 Pro Superior Reference Headphones

The K812 is the new headphone flagship from AKG.  These guys make some amazing headphones anyway, but the large transducer and Tesla magnet of the k812 really sets these headphones from the crowd - an incredibly accurate and natural image. They're very comfortable for long mixing sessions also! The K812 superior reference headphones offer the most pure and natural sound possible. Designed for music professionals the K812 empower to experience the smallest sonic details with the most accurate balance for mixing, mastering as well as music production.


      The K812 transducer is the largest AKG has ever built. The 53 mm transducer was developed to push the boundaries, to get as close as possible to sonic perfection. During the development process, AKG developed the transducer from scratch in order to ensure the highest in-class headroom and dynamic range.

      Strong – Stronger – K812 - The most accurate imaging

      With the strongest magnet system available on the market, the K812 provides the mostpreciseand powerful experience possible. The 1.5 Tesla magnet system offers highly accurate imaging leading to pure, natural sound.

      Superior impulse response - Ultra-lightweight two-layer voice coil

      The copper-covered aluminum voice coil extends sound beyond the limits of human auditory system, hitting a full spectrum of frequencies. With the ultra-lightweight two-layer voice coil a superior impulse response and an extended frequency range up to
      54 kHz is guaranteed.


      Headphone type open-back
      Audio Frequency bandwidth 5 to 54000 Hz
      Sensitivity headphones 110 dB SPL/V
      Max. Input Power 300 mW
      Rated Impedance 36 Ohms
      Detachable cable yes
      Cable Length 3 m
      Earpads Replaceable yes
      Foldable no
      Audio Interface
      Type Screw-on Jack Combo (1/4" and 1/8")
      Gender Male
      Contacts 3-pin
      Interface Finish Gold
      Dimensions / Weight
      Net Weight 390 g
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