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Amphion two18 Passive 2-way Studio Monitors (PAIR)


The Amphion two18 are a two-way passive loudspeaker design. Designed for critical listening, mixing and mastering the two18 reference monitors utilise a dual low and mid frequency driver design that phase align to bring a powerful full range sonic quality. 

Please note: The two18 speakers are passive
and require a power amplifier such as the amp500 to operate.
Speaker Cables sold separately.

    • Amphion two18 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Any pro monitoring setup could benefit from Amphion Two18 monitors. The dual LF/MF drivers work together in perfect phase alignment to reproduce a wide sonic range with exceptional accuracy. These high-end passive monitors employ custom-designed drivers, a high-density Corian waveguide, and a sealed enclosure with a passive radiator to deliver the natural, transparent, un-hyped sound you need to make critical mixing decisions. You can expect consistent mix translation when you monitor with Amphion Two18s.

      "Two18 - an impressive monitor!"
      "Overall the Amphion Two18 is an impressive monitor. The designers have managed to combine an extended low frequency response with low distortion without compromising low-frequency transient behaviour; a commendable feat."
      Resolution, Amphion Two18 review (12/2015) 

      "Balanced, accurate, but musical."
      "Amphion Two18 is a very clever design with great imaging, superb phase response and accurate frequency response in a very affordable package. An inspirational tool that is detailed and accurate enough to make well founded decisions without killing the creativity with overemphasizing details of the production. The speaker has no problem with spotting flaws in a production, it just does it in a less "brutal" way than some other contenders in the test.”
      David Zells: Mix and mastering engineer

      Operating principle: 2-way, passive radiators
      Tweeter: 1” titanium
      Mid / woofer: 6,5" aluminium
      Crossover point: 1600 Hz
      Impedance: 4 ohm
      Sensitivity: 89 dB @ 2.83V/1m
      Frequency response: 39 - 20 000 Hz +/-3dB
      Power recommendation: 50 - 200 W
      Measurements (h x w x d): 550 x 191 x 305 mm
      Weight: 18 kg
      Colour: black
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