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Anasounds Tremelo Guitar Pedal


From the lonely desert plains of spaghetti western to the stuttering chopped-up notes of the most epileptic EDM, tremolo is everywhere.
That very simple effect can find its place in any context, no matter which style you’re playing or what the rest of your rig is.

ups and downs

To put it in the simplest terms,
tremolo is a cyclical volume variation
from the original volume to a decreased version
(all the way to the extreme version of the effect
which completely cuts the sound in a rhythmic fashion)
following a set tempo.

Up to that point, Anasounds had not come up with a tremolo yet,
since we were waiting to get a design that would justify
bringing a new tremolo into an already saturated market.

express yourself!

Until now, you could get more from your pedals
by adding a tap tempo footswitch or an expression pedal.
Truthfully, what was called an expression pedal
was more of a control pedal that would have the exact same effect
as turning a knob with your foot.
Very handy obviously, but not too creative.

With the introduction of the Spinner,
here comes the first expression pedal worthy of the name.