API 8 Slot High Current lunchbox


The API 8 Slot High Current lunchbox features DB-25 (D-Sub) connectors for easy I/O, universal power supply (100 or 250V, 47 to 63Hz), phantom power, and easy rack-mounting with optional rack-ear kit. As with all API gear, it's built for robust performance!

      • API 8 Slot High Current Lunchbox PRODUCT FEATURES:

        The lunchbox gives an engineer the flexibility to bring along specialized EQ effects to any situation: 550A, 550b or 560. The lunchbox utilizes an external power supply. API makes several modules for the lunchbox, including the 512c Mic Preamplifier, the 525 Compressor, the 527 Compressor, the 550A 3-band EQ, the 550b 4-band EQ and the 560 Graphic EQ. Combinations of these modules make perfect stereo recording packages (two 512cs and two 550bs) or vocalist's box (one 512c, two EQs and one 527).

        Other uses for the versatile lunchbox include:

        • Multi-track recording of acoustic and electronic audio sources
        • Sound reinforcement systems and recording to multi-track formats
        • Multiple facility projects where portability is a plus
        • Broadcast and audio for video production
        • Custom channel input strips

        NOTE: The older 560A equalizer may use pin 15 for a "direct output" and must be disabled on the 560A circuit board edge connector by cutting a trace. This will eliminate 48 volts from damaging the 560A series equalizers.

      • API 8 Slot High Current Lunchbox TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

        8 Slots with 250 mA of current per slot
        Full compatibility with API 500 Series and VPR-approved modules
        DB25 connectivity on the rear panel
        Phantom Power
        Optional Rack Ears available for rack mounting
        Toggle switches for channel linking
        Rubber feet & carrying handle for portability
        Rugged steel chassis
        Perfect for remote recording of Vocalist and Instruments

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