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Aston Microphones


Aston Microphones Halo Shadow Reflection Filter

Please contact me with information about availability and pricing for Aston Microphones Halo Shadow Reflection Filter

The Aston Microphones Halo Shadow is identical technically and acoustically to the Aston Halo (purple), but comes in a dark black finish. The Aston Halo is regarded as the best in its class as a reflection filter, thanks to its unique shape, overall isolation and absorption and simple mounting hardware.

If you are after the original Halo (purple) please click HERE.

    • Aston Microphones Halo Shadow Features:

      Hi Tech construction with patented PET felt
      Patented design, enhanced performance
      Radically improved Isolation
      Filtering top and bottom (not just horizontally)
      Much bigger surface area and depth of acoustic treatment
      More linear absorption and diffusion
      Incredibly Lightweight Proprietary ‘easy-mount’ hardware