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Auralex Acoustics


Auralex Lenrd Mounted LENRD Bass traps x 4 (2 stands) - Charcoal

Stand mounted LENRD bass traps allow for the absorption of low frequency in a portable package suitable for easy transport from location to location. Normally resting at around 2m high, these stands can be extended to around 2.5m.

The perfect complement to Auralex's ProMAX and MAX-Wall Systems. All are portable, effective and easy to use. Because they are stand-mounted, there is no need for adhesive and no wall repair if you want to reconfigure your space or move.

    • Product Features:

      Reduces room modes

      Smooths out low frequency response of your space

      Tames low-end rumble

      Wall and corner applications

      Precision surface profiling

      Easily set up and packed down

      Perfect for on location recording

      Flexible, portable absorption for professional & residential settings

    • Technical Specifications:

      Qty. Per Box: 4 -Stand-Mounted LENRDs with 2 round based floor stands

      LENRD bass traps are 60.96cm x 30.48cm x 30.48cm each.