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Avantone Pro


Avantone CDMK8 8-Mic Drum Microphone Kit

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The Avantone Pro CDMK8 is the ultimate drum microphone package available. Designed for studio and live use, and combining an intelligent combination of dynamic and condenser microphones, the Avantone Pro CDMK8 is an amazing point-of-difference for anyone looking at pulling a versatile drum sound for recording or live. The CDMK8 includes all shockmounts for the included microphones, and a heavy duty carry case. 

    • Avantone Pro CDMK8 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      These are the 2nd generation of drum mics from Avantone and a great deal of R&D effort has culminated in these rugged, great sounding drum mics. We feel they represent the very finest drum microphone packages available, both for live clubs & concerts, as well as serious studio recording projects.

      The Avantone CDMK drum mics are truly gorgeous looking and sounding microphones. Their proprietary design, character and performance are made to set a new standard in drum mic'ing.

      A unique feature of all our dynamic drum mics in the Avantone CDMK series is a pair of machined insets on the barrel of each microphone body. These insets allow the O-rings of the SSM shockmount to "lock" the mic into place, which prevents mic shifting and slippage.

      Aesthetically, each mic features an elegant Cabernet Wine-Red finish, accented with polished nickel trim. Any studio or venue can proudly & confidently offer the CDMK drum mic kit for professional use. All components are designed and manufactured using the finest materials yielding a very solid feel, superb structural integrity and rugged reliability.


      Included Items:

      (1) Mondo Kick Drum Microphone

      (1) ADM Snare Drum Microphone

      (3) ATOM Tom Microphones

      (2) CK-1 Cardioid Condenser Mics (for overheads)

      (1) CK-1 Hyper-cardioid Condenser Mic (for hi-hat)

      (4) PK-1 Pro-Klamp Drum Rim Microphone Mounts

      (8) SSM Metal Shockmounts

      Custom Heavy Duty Locking Padded Tweed Vintage Case

      Owner's Manual