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Avantone Pro


Avantone Pro MP1 Mixphone Headphones

The Avantone MP1 studio headphones are an open-back design that can be used for monitoring in stereo, mono & “MIX” mode - simulating the Avantone Pro MixCube monitors! MP1’s are ideal for live audio, studio applications and great for DJs’. The Avantone MixPhone MP1‘s look and sound fantastic. Their unique Vari-Voice tripple-play playback mode's offer a definitive point of difference.

    • Avantone Pro MP1 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Padded box

      One straight 3m cable - 1/8" TRS with threaded 1/4" adaptor

      One spring collapsible 1m cable -  1/8" TRS with threaded 1/4" adaptor

      Soft carrying bag


      Frequency response -- 18Hz-25kHz

      Driver size -- Large format 50mm drivers

      Rated power -- 15mW

      Maximum power -- 30mW

      SPL -- 113dB IEC-318@1mW, 1kHz

      Impedance 16ohm +/-2.4 (15%)

      Weight .55kg

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