AVID DigiLink Adapter Mini-DigiLink Female to DigiLink Male (9940-61929-00)

The AVID DigiLink Adapter allows you to bridge DigiLink MIDI and the older DigiLink (standard) cables and equipment together. 

    • AVID DigiLink Adapter Product Features:

      This AVID 9940-61929-00 adapter features 1 x newer female MINI DigiLink connector at one end, and 1 x older male STANDARD DigiLink connector at the other.
      This allows you to plug the standard male DigiLink connector into your compatible hardware device, and the female Mini DigiLink connector, into a longer Mini DigiLink cable.

      If you want to connect your Legacy Pro Tools HD interface (192 IO or 96 IO) to a newer HD device such as an HD IO, HD Omni, or HD Native core card using a Mini-DigiLink cable, then this is the adapter you need.

      Avid DigiLink Adapter Features at a Glance:

      Connections: Mini-DigiLink female to DigiLink male
      Use: To connect a legacy HD interface with a newer HD interface or HD Native core card using a Mini-DigiLink cable
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