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Singular Sound


Singular Sound BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal


The BeatBuddy Drum Machine is a professional drum machine in a stomp box format, designed for live use, performance artists and one-man-bands. Extremely easy to use, each drum-beat starts with a fill that goes straight into a drum-beat that will loop indefinitely. Add variation and transitions simply by tapping / tap-holding on the main foot pedal! Plenty of different styles to choose from - and any style can be assigned to any kit. You also gain free access to a user community that will offer even more material. The BeatBuddy Drum Machine has MIDI sync, and can handle odd meters with ease. With the external Foot Switch (sold separately), you can add accents to your beat and pauses.

    • BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Elegantly simple, extraordinarily deep:
      See how intuitive and easy it is to control the drums in this short video. Of course, the BeatBuddy allows for complex and nuanced modifications, some of which is detailed below.

      Powerful Sound:

      Award-winning, ultra-realistic 24-bit recordings of real drummers. Beats are non-quantized (not set to a grid), making BeatBuddy the first drum machine that doesn't sound like a machine.

      Complete Creative Control:

      Effortlessly insert fills, transition from verse to chorus, add accent hits, throw in drum breaks, and more, to create an unprecedented live drummer effect. Unlike backing tracks, BeatBuddy enables you to decide live what the beat does, fully hands-free.

      Find Your Beat:

      With over 200 songs in 21 genres available right out of the box, you’ll be sure to find the beat you want.

      All time signatures are available:
      From 3/4 to 5/4 to 7/8 and beyond.

      Play any song on one of 10 included drum kits. Want to play rock beats with brushes? Or heavy metal on a hand drum set? Beatbox the blues? With BeatBuddy, you tell your drummer what to play.

      Unlimited Additional Content:
      Download more songs and drum sets from our ever-expanding Premium Content Library, create your own content with the included PC/Mac software, or discover and share new material on the BeatBuddy Community Forum. With a storage capacity of 3.2 million songs, the possibilities are limitless.

      MIDI Sync:
      Keep your MIDI enabled looper, effects and other MIDI devices perfectly in time to the beat with MIDI Sync. BeatBuddy can both control and be controlled by other MIDI Sync-enabled devices.
    • BeatBuddy Drum Machine Pedal TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      Sound Quality: Ultra-realistic, non-quantized professional-level 24-bit sound
      Audio channels: True Stereo
      LCD Screen: Full Color
      Visual Metronome: HD and full-screen LCD color system
      Included Songs: 220
      Unique fills per song part: 3+
      Drum sets: Can play any song on any drum set
      Upgradeable capabilities: (we release new features requested by our users, free)
      Dimensions: 12.7 x 8.6 x 6.4 cm
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