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Behringer 1036 Sample & Hold Random Volt Module


This is the Behringer 2500 series SAMPLE & HOLD/RANDOM VOLTAGE MODULE 1036. An authentic reproduction of the original “System 2500” circuitry from the 70’s that can fit in a standard Eurorack case. The best part? It’s at a very affordable price. Mix the SAMPLE & HOLD/RANDOM VOLTAGE MODULE 1036 in with your existing rig or start your modular synth journey from here. Either way you’re sure to have a lot of fun.


  • Classic 1036 analog dual sample and hold module from the '70s

  • Authentic reproduction of the circuitry from the "2500" Series

  • Contains 2 independent sample and hold circuits, 2 random noise generators, and 2 voltage-controlled clocks

  • Produces random tone sequences, scales and arpeggios

  • Audio signal input and output for each Sample and Hold circuit with a sample command input to control the timing of samples from different sources

  • Clock Frequency control adjusts the frequency of each clock and the sampling rate

  • Manual sample control is available using momentary push buttons

  • Sampling can also be controlled externally via a trigger or gate signal using the external input connection

  • An internally generated random signal can be used as the sampled signal with an adjustable level control for each circuit

  • Eurorack specs: 16 HP, XX mA +12 V, XX mA -12 V