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Beyerdynamic M 130 Double Ribbon Microphone (figure of eight)

The Beyerdynamic M 130 is a passive ribbon microphone with a figure-of-8 polar pattern, making it ideal for stereo miking configurations such as Mid/Side (MS). The M 130 features Beyer’s classic double ribbon element, that has outstanding transient response and excellent off-axis rejection. Whilst designed for broadcast applications, the M 130 is a great choice in the studio too. Fanatic on drums and percussion, or any sound source with fast transients. Designed to be coupled with the Beyerdynamic M 160 hypercardioid ribbon microphone for detailed, uncoloured MS recordings.

    • Beyerdynamic M 130 Features:

      Studio recordings
      Ambience recordings
      MS (together with the M 160) and Blumlein recordings

      Beyerdynamic is one of few microphone manufacturers world-wide that still produce ribbon microphones. One of them is the legendary M 130. The M 130's unique double ribbon element has a superb transient response, creating a highly detailed sound with unequalled accuracy and transparency. The bidirectional figure eight polar pattern effectively suppresses unwanted interference from the sides. The M 130's balanced, uncoloured sound handles a wide variety of applications. In conjunction with the hypercardioid M 160, the M 130 is ideal for creating an authentic stereo image through the use of the MS- (Mid-Side) technique.
      The M 130 gives excellent results when the Mid-Side technique is used to record or broadcast a true stereo image. Its rugged Design handles the demands of remote recording/broadcast sessions as easily as those of the studio. Alone, the M 130 allows the recording of background audience noise and concert hall 'ambience' without unwanted resonances. In the recording studio it is effective with backing vocal groups, percussion and mounted toms. The M 130's crisply articulated, uncoloured sound is well suited to such demanding audiophile applications as digital and direct-to-disc recording.

      Feature Summary:
      Double ribbon microphone
      Consistent figure-eight polar pattern throughout frequency response
      Superb transient response
      Compact and rugged design
      Characteristically warm and natural sound
    • Beyerdynamic M 130 Specifications:

      Dimensions Length: 128 mm; Shaft diameter: 23 mm; Head diameter: 38.5 mm
      Net weight without packaging: 213 g
      Transducer type: Ribbon (dynamic)
      Polar pattern: Figure of eight
      Microphone frequency response: 40 - 18,000 Hz