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Cloud Microphones


Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator

The Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 provides active gain for low output microphones such as ribbons and dynamics. The CL-1 converts phantom power into gain - up to 25dB. It does not color the sound like a pre-amp, rather increases the presence of the microphones’ characteristics in the overall signal output.


Active Gain for Dynamics and Ribbons
The Cloudlifter® CL-1 is completely self contained, driven only by the phantom power from your mixer or preamp. Ideal for dynamics and ribbons alike, the CL-1 turns phantom power into the extra gain required for using passive microphones. The immediate dose of extra gain can make even a budget microphone/preamp combination sound clean and professional. For broadcasting and live sound, the active output signal of the CL-1 can prevent added noise over long cable runs. With endless uses, Cloudlifters are quickly becoming a standard workhorse solution for audio and broadcast professionals.


Gives passive mics up to +25dB additional active output
Provides 2 distinct stages of ultra-clean gain
Easy to use self contained design requires only phantom power
Recommended for use with all passive dynamic microphones
Compatible with tube, battery, or power supply driven microphones
Safe for all passive ribbons with no transfer of phantom
Utilizes Patent Pending Class A, Discrete JFET circuitry
Ideal impedance loading for optimal performance @3Kohms
Rugged, road ready and portable, for studio, stage and broadcasting
Free lifetime limited warranty for parts and labor, with registration
Handcrafted entirely in the USA