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Cranborne Audio


Cranbone Audio Camden EC2 Two Channel Preamp, Signal Processor, and Dual Headphone Mixer

The Camden Ec2 is a Two channel 19", 1u preamp featuring award-winning Camden preamps, Mojo analogue saturation circuits, and dual reference-quality headphone amplifiers with discrete line mixers.


Two Channel Preamp

Based on the award-winning Camden 500 Preamp and Signal Processor for the 500 series lunchbox format, Camden EC2 combines the sonic capabilities of one of the markets cleanest and most transparent preamps with the flexibility of a standalone, 1u, 19” chassis that can integrate into any recording setup with or without 500 series connectivity.

Dual Headphone Mixer
More than two preamps in a metal box, Camden EC2 features Two reference-quality headphone amplifiers with independant line mixers that allow for direct monitoring of both Camden preamps using headphones connected directly to Camden EC2’s front panel.

Award-Winning 'Camden' Preamp Topology

Featuring two discrete instances of Cranborne Audio’s ‘Camden’ preamp topology, Camden EC2 achieves unprecedented low-noise and low-distortion performance as well as frequency and phase linearity at all gain settings. 

Ultra-Clean and Transparent Performance
Camden EC2’s preamps exhibit performance specifications that rival and exceed the most revered ‘transparent’ preamps on the market.

>With Vintage Mojo On Tap
With two discrete Mojo styles, Camden EC2 takes on the persona of vintage transformer-based preamps using its Thump Mojo or gooey tube-based preamps using its Cream Mojo.

Capture your audio sources with complete transparency; boost low-sensitivity microphones without adding noise; and capture instant transients without phase shifts that cause summing abnormalities.

Unlike transformer or valve-based preamps, Mojo’s saturation is completely variable allowing you to dial-in the amount of saturation you need for each source. Keep it at 3-4 for authentic preamp THD or crank it up to 11 for a more exaggerated effect.


All specifications are typical performance unless otherwise noted. All specifications are subject to change at any time. Tested with Audio Precision APx555.


Test Signal Path

APx555 (Line Out) - Input 1 - Line Output - APx555 (Line In)

Input Impedance

Mic= 8.9 kOhms 48v Off, 5.4 kOhms 48v ON,

Line = 24.3 kOhms,

Hi-Z= 1.5 MOhm Unbalanced, 3 MOhm Balanced

Max Input Level

Mic = +17.6dBu (<0.003% THD),

Line = +26.5dBu (<0.02% THD),

Hi-Z = +24dBu (<0.02% THD)

Minimum Gain

Mic= 8dB, Line = 0dB, Hi-Z = 3dB

Maximum Gain

Mic = 68dB, Line = 60dB, Hi-Z = 63dB

Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)

<-129.5dBu (150 Ohm source, unweighted), 

<-131dBu (150 Ohm source, A-weighted), 

<-135.5dBu (Inputs common, unweighted)

Frequency Response

±0.7dB (<1 Hz to >1000 kHz, Min Gain),

±0.7dB (<1 Hz to >1000 kHz, 35dB Gain),

±1dB (<1.5 Hz to 900 kHz, 63dB Gain),

±1dB (<5 Hz to >200 kHz, Max Gain)

Phase Shift

<2.75° (20Hz to 20kHz, 40dB Gain),

<4° (20Hz to 20kHz, 63dB Gain),
<6° (20Hz to 20kHz, Max Gain)


<0.00025% (1kHz, 35dB Gain, +24dBu out)

Intermodulation Distortion

<0.0006% (50Hz and 7kHz, 35dB gain, +20dBu out),

<0.0005% (50Hz and 7kHz, 35dB gain, +15dBu out)

Hi-Pass Filter (HPF)

80Hz, -3dB, 12dB/Oct


>70dB, typ >85dB, 35dB gain, 10-20kHz, 100mV Common mode

Slew Rate

20V/uS, 35dB gain, +25dBu out

48v LED Thresholds

Off = 48v Off, voltage fully discharged

Amber = 48v voltage charging/discharging

Red = 48v fully charged

Signal LED Meter Thresholds

Blue = -20dBu

Green = -12dBu

Amber = +21dBu

Red = +24dBu

Max Output Level

Balanced XLR = +27.5dBu (<0.002% THD, 30dB Gain) 

Impedance Balanced ¼” Jack = +21.5dBu (<0.002% THD, 30dB Gain)

Output Impedance

Balanced XLR = 150 Ohm

Impedance Balanced 1/4” Jack = 150Ohm Balanced, 75 Ohm Unbalanced

Link Max Output Level

Impedance Balanced 1/4” Jack = +21.8dBu (<0.006% THD)

Link Output Impedance

Impedance Balanced 1/4” Jack = 75 Ohm Unbalanced, 150 Ohm Balanced (Buffered Output)


Headphone Amplifier

Test Signal Path

APx555 (Line Out) - AUX Input - Headphone Output - APx555 (Line In)

Frequency Response

-1dB, <1Hz to >70kHz


<0.0006% (-104.4dB) @ +20dBu, 1kHz, A-weighted, 300 Ohm load


<0.00085% (-101.4dB) @ +20dBu, 1kHz, A-weighted, 300 Ohm load

Output Impedance

0.33 Ohms

Output Wattage

250mW x 2 @ 600 Ohms, 1kHz


650mW x 2 @ 220 Ohms, 1kHz


1.21W x 2 @ 100 Ohms, 1kHz


500mW x 2 @ 32 Ohms, 1kHz

Dynamic Range

114.5dB A-weighted, AES17 method, 20Hz - 20kHz, 300 Ohm load

Noise Floor

-93.5dBu A-weighted, 20Hz - 20kHz, 300 Ohm load



AC Requirements

100V – 240V AC, 50 – 60 Hz

Total Power Consumption

24v, 1.25A DC, 30W


Operating Temperature

+1 to 35 degrees Celsius

Storage Conditions

-20 to 50 degrees Celsius





481mm (19") (Rackmount)


44.45mm (1.75") (1u)


240mm (9.5")

Unit Weight

2.8kg (6.2lb)

Shipping Carton



600mm (23.6")


120mm (4.7")


350mm (13.8")

Carton Weight

4.1kg (9lb)