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dbx db12 Active Direct Box

The dbx db12 is an active direct injection box with unbalanced TS input and thru jacks, and balanced XLR out. The pad switch on the db12 can be used to match instrument, line and speaker level connections. The db12 features Neutrik connectors and especial dbx mu-metal-shielded audio transformers, that maintain a high-quality signal for recording or playing live. The db12 features a ground lift switch too, and its rock-solid construction makes it ideal for touring.

    • dbx db12 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Premium Performance
      Rugged Design
      Stackable Chassis with Durable Rubber Foot
      Gold-plated Neutrik® XLR Connector
      Premium Chrome Toggle Switches
      Hi-Z 1/4" Input Jack
      Parallel 1/4" Thru Jack
      Transformer Isolated
      Premium Shielded Custom dbx Transformer
      Balanced XLR Lo-Z Output
      3-Way 0/20/40 dB Pad Switch
      Flat/High-Cut Filter Switch
      Output Polarity Invert Switch
      Ground Lift Switch
      4 Year Warranty!
      Phantom Powered
      Green LED Phantom Power Indicator
      +48V Phantom Operation
      Low-Noise Active Circuitry


      Input: 1 instrument/line/speaker level
      Input Connectors: 1/4” jack
      Input Type: Unbalanced, RF filtered
      Insert Impedance: 150k Ohm typical
      Max Input: +20dBu (0dB pad); +40dBu (20dB pad); +60dBu (40dB pad)
      Output: (Thru) 1 parallel from input jack, 1/4" Unbalanced, RF filtered
      Output Connectors: XLR male balanced
      Output Impedance: 150k Ohm typical
      Max Output: 0dBu
      Transformer: Custom dbx mu-metal-shielded
      Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz, +/-2.5dB
      Noise: <-105dB unweighted, 22kHz BW
      THD: <0.01%, 20Hz to 20kHz BW; <0.005%, 1kHz
      Dimensions: 5.82" L X 5.44" W X 2.20" H (148 x 138 x 56mm)
      Unit Weight: 1.4 lbs / 0.65 kg
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