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Elysia nvelope 500 Stereo Impulse Shaper

The Elysia nvelope 500 is a powerful audio processor for 500 series format.  It's capable of making subtle or drastic changes to a sound by providing precise control over attack and sustain - an extremely useful tool for reshaping all sorts of individual tones. What makes the Elysia nvelope 500 so unique? It can run in either dual mono or as a stereo link EQ shaper for on a bus. This unit sounds incredible  - think of the nvelope as a powerful envelope control with direct access to the attack and sustain of a signal. It can also function as shelving EQ. 

    • Elysia nvelope PRODUCT FEATURES:

      The nvelope 500 operates independently of the specific level of a signal, and (unlike with compressors) you do not have to spend a lot of time trying to balance a set of complex controls to quickly get the results you seek.

      With its unique Dual Band mode, the nvelope 500 gives you enhanced control over processing, and can easily handle complex program material. Additionally, its dynamics sections can be bypassed, allowing it to function as a flexible high/low shelf EQ...

      • Discrete Class-A Topology
  Pristine audio quality.
      • Full Range Mode

          Fast & efficient envelope shaping.
      • Dual Band Mode
  Enhanced frequency controls.
      • EQ Mode

          Alternative high/low shelf equalizer.
      • Mixed Mode
          Two different processors at the same time.
      • Stereo Link/Dual Mono
          Flexible channel use and combination.
      • Auto Gain
          Eliminates level peaks and distortion.
      • Made in Germany
          High grade components, solid aluminum knobs.

      Requires compatible 500 series rack unit to operate. Sold separately.

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