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Genelec 9301A AES/EBU Multichannel Interface

The Genelec 9301 AES/EBU Multichannel Interface allows 7.1 channels digital audio sources to be connected to 7300 Series Smart subwoofers.


The Genelec 9301A AES/EBU Multichannel Interface has been designed to expand the 7300 Series Smart subwoofers AES/EBU stereo inputs and outputs to 8 channels of AES/EBU inputs and outputs.

With the 9301A in the signal path, all 7.1 or 8 channels digital audio configurations become possible. With its 7.1 digital audio input and its single XLR subwoofer output link, all possible digital audio sources, be it stereo or multichannel, can be seamlessly connected to Genelec 7300 Series Smart subwoofers to cover all possible professional digital audio applications.


  • 7.1 channels XLR digital audio inputs and outputs

  • 1x XLR subwoofer output link

  • Digital audio format: AES/EBU (AES3)

  • Word length: 16...24 bits

  • Sample rate: 32...192 kHz

  • Inputs are sample rate converted

  • (H x W x D): 43 x 483 x 105 mm or, 1 11/16 x 19 x 4 1/8 inch

  • Weight: 2 kg / 4.4 lb