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Golden Age Project


Golden Age Project Comp-3A Compressor

The Golden Age Project Comp-3A is a remake of the classic UA LA3A levelling amplifier and compressor with a few extra little tricks up it's sleeve. The Comp-3A maintains the same features as the original - mono channel, half-rack unit with VU metering. The beauty of this compressor is it's simple design with a one knob "peak Reduction" knob to control the amount of gain reduction. The Comp 3A is an opto, or optical compressor. This style of compression is a nice, gentle for of compression - great on vocals and acoustic instruments. You also have the option to link two units together for stereo bus compression / limiting. Golden Age Project have done an impressive job emulating the classic originally released in 1969. Check out the video below for some live examples in action! 

    • Golden Age Project Comp-3A PRODUCT FEATURES:

      The LA-2A (tube version) and LA-3A (solid state version) are some truly classic compressors / leveling amplifiers. Having been used for decades on countless recordings, they are a perfect example of vintage designs that never goes out of favor. At the core of both products is the T4 electro-optical attenuator with its unique sound and compression characteristics and a very smooth, natural and program dependent operation. Add to that the easy of use with only two main controls, GAIN and PEAK REDUCTION and the wonderful sound of the fully discrete signal path and the transformers.
    • Golden Age Project Comp-3A TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      Vintage-style circuitry with no integrated circuits
      Transformer-balanced I/O
      Capable of driving most balanced or unbalanced loads
      Internal jumper for selectable output-transformer loading
      Lets you vary high-frequency response
      Employs classic T4-style electro-optical attenuator for gain control
      Program-dependent attack and release times
      Easy 2-control operation: Gain, Peak Reduction
      HF control increases sidechain circuit sensitivity to mid- and high-frequency content
      Large meter selectable between gain reduction and output level at 2 reference levels
      Hardwired bypass switch for 1-touch in/out comparison
      XLR and TRS I/O for flexible connectivity
      Link switch and jack for stereo operation with another Comp-3A
      External power supply (no interaction with audio circuitry)
      Classic sound, ideal for most sources and music styles
      Rugged build quality will provide many years of service
      Compact, 2RU half-rackspace chassis
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