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Golden Age Project


Golden Age Project R1 MKIII Active Ribbon Microphone

If you want the warmth typically associated with the character of a ribbon mic but want a bit more sizzle in the stop end, the all new Golden Age MK3 is an ideal choice. The R1 Active MKIII is a very cool mic that combines the best of two worlds; the warmth of a ribbon and the stability of a F.E.T. buffer ampilier. This means that you can use the R1 Active MKIII with long cables and virtually any pre-amp featuring 48V phantom power.

    • Golden Age Project R1 MKIII PRODUCT FEATURES:

      A clean and clear sound, yet warm and punchy is what the R1 Active MKIII will deliver in most cases. We love it on drums, as an ambience mic or in pairs for O.H. pickup, but it sounds great on most instruments.

      The R1 Active MKIII is in fact a very versatile mic even suitable for some sensitve vocal recording! And even more so now when the mk3 version includes switches for low cut and 10dB pad.

      • The unmatched natural and musical sound of a classical ribbon microphone combined with the consistent sound quality offered by the addition of active electronics
      • A stunning realism with the feeling of “being-there”
      • The typical large and mellow ribbon sound quality with a very smooth top end and an extended low end.
      • A fast and life-like transient reproduction.
      • An ultra-high SPL capability, 160 dB SPL (1% THD @ 1000Hz) and a very high sensitivity for a ribbon microphone, similar to many condenser microphones.
      • Switchable -10 dB pad and 100 Hz Low Cut Filter.
      • Manufactured of the finest materials for a great performance and longterm reliability 
      • The R1 Active MKIII can be used with any standard mixer or preamp with a balanced input that can supply 48V phantom power.
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