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Heil Sound


Heil Sound PR 40 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Studio Microphone

The Heil Sound PR 40 is a dynamic microphone with a large diaphragm and cardioid pick up pattern. The PR 40 has the broadest frequency response of any microphone in Heil’s PR catalogue. This makes the PR 40 a very handy choice for voice overs and broadcast applications. The PR 40 is also a great choice for guitar cab’s bass and drums too. The diaphragm itself is shock mounted internally making it completely de-coupled from the outer metal housing. Included with the PR 40 is a carry bag and adjustable mic clip.

    • Heil Sound PR 40 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      The Heil PR 40 microphone boasts the widest frequency range of any dynamic mic in the Heil PR series. The PR 40 incorporates Heil’s sage-like understanding of phasing plug placement, along with the use of a very large (1"), low mass diaphragm, and custom magnet metals housed in a specially designed microphone body.

      The PR 40 diaphragm is shock mounted such that it is completely de-coupled from the anodized Champagne matte-finished steel body. In addition to dual mesh screens, each made with different diameter screen apertures, there is an internal breath blast filter on the diaphragm element itself, providing superb response for the human voice across the entire vocal range, without “popping” noises. In fact, the PR 40 will provide flawless, smooth, flat response from 28 Hz all the way up to the 18k Hz, making this a great microphone for everything from vocals, to bass drums and tom drums, to guitar and bass cabinet mic’ing and more.

      Output Connection: 3 pin XLR
      Element Type: Dynamic
      Frequency Response: 28 Hz - 18 kHz
      Polar Pattern: Cardioid
      Rear Rejection @ 180 degrees off axis: -40 dB
      Impedance: 600 ohms balanced
      Output Level: -53.9 dB @ 1 kHz
      Weight: 13.5 oz
      Max SPL: 148 dB
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