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Konig & Meyer

KM 23966

Konig & Meyer 23966 Popkiller - black


The Konig & Meyer 23966 Popkiller in black, is a large double shielded nylon pop filter. The gooseneck arm allows for direct attachment to the microphone stand, and the larger diameter means less chance of the outer enclosure getting in the way of the microphone capsule.

    • Konig & Meyer 23966 Popkiller PRODUCT FEATURES:

      The large Popkiller for modern studio engineering. The large 200 mm nylon screen guarantees optimum sound filtering during studio recording. The Popkiller with flexible gooseneck can be screwed to all standard microphone stands (rod diameter max. 30 mm).

    • Konig & Meyer 23966 Popkiller TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      Goose neck diameter:
      8 mm
      Goose neck length:
      330 mm
      Screw-on to:
      tube diameter up to 30 mm
      Shield diameter:
      200 mm
      Special features:
      double nylon screen with plastic frame; large shield diameter

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