Mogami Gold Instrument Cable


If you're looking to connect up a guitar or keyboard, Mogami gold instrument cable is the way to go. This series of cable sounds great, and is built to last. Perfect for stage work when only the best will do! 

    • Mogami Gold Instrument Cable PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Mogami has been revered by Audio Professionals for almost 50 years. It is undeniably the standard in Music Recording and Post Production facilities worldwide. Until now Mogami was only available to professionals and then only in large bulk quantities. 
      Finally, the world's best cable is available pre-wired, for all live performance and music recording appliations.

      Guitar and Instrument Cables
      Mogami guitar cable allows uncommonly clear, accurate, transparent tone, with dead silent background. Since our research has shown that many guitarists actually prefer to move around while playing, we use carbon impregnated PVC as an additional shield layer to eliminate any handling noise. Use for any unbalanced instrument, pedals, patching, etc.

      Gold Instrument
      High clarity instrument cable. Gold 1/4 phone plugs. Available lengths: 3, 6, 10, 18, 25 feet.

      - Neutrik ® Silent Plug allows hot-swapping guitars without the earsplitting pop
      - Ultra High Density 100% coverage Copper Spiral Shield for silent background.
      - Low Loss Cellular Polyethylene Insulation
      - Conductive PVC eliminates handling noise
      - Oxygen Free Copper Core
      - Lifetime warranty
    • Mogami Gold Instrument Cable TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      Guitar cable with gold-pin/black body 1/4” connectors. 
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