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Mogami Gold TRS to TRS Cable


If you want high-quality cable it doesn't get any better than Mogami Gold. Commonly used for connecting 1/4 inch balanced gear like keyboards and Synths to line level audio inputs of audio interfaces and mixes. Also great for connecting TRS outputs of audio interfaces to TRS inputs of powered studio speakers. Mogami has been revered by Audio Professionals for almost 50 years. It is undeniably the standard in Music Recording and Post Production facilities worldwide. Until now Mogami was only available to professionals and then only in large bulk quantities. 

    • Mogami Gold TRS to TRS PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Studio Accessory Cables
      Finally, the world's best cable is available pre-wired, for all live performance and music recording applications.

      1/4 TRS Stereo Plugs to TRS. Made with Mogami quad cable and gold contact TRS connectors. The finest you can buy for neutral tone and noise rejection. There's a reason why Mogami is called "The Cable of the Pros." Virtually every major recording facility is wired with Mogami, which means that just about any music you listen to has passed through Mogami somewhere in the recording chain—from Fleetwood Mac to Foo Fighters, from Prince to Pearl Jam, and countless others. 

      Why do so many discriminating artists and studios choose Mogami over other cable brands? It's simple. Mogami is unmatched for accuracy, extremely low noise, ease of installation, flexibility, and superior quality. Professionals and enthusiasts alike rave about the amazing clarity and silent background of Mogami—technicians swear by it, not at it.

      Balanced patch cable with gold-pin/black body 1/4” TRS connectors. 
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