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Mogees Vibration Sensor Musical Instrument

Mogees is revolutionary. It attaches to any surface and connects to your iphone, ipad or computer to trigger a vast array of sounds. The device will sense specific vibrations and convert them into sound. The power of Mogees kicks into action when you combine it with your DAW like Ableton. This is the most human music interface we've seen. 

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    • Mogees Vibration Trigger Sensor PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Attach the Mogees sensor to any object and plug it into your iOS devices or computer. The vibrations you create when playing the object will be transformed into musical sound.

      The Mogees sensor can detect the vibrations within many materials such as woods, metals, plastics, and glass.

      The Mogees vibration sensor is the first contact microphone to be designed specifically for use with iOS devices. An included adapter also allows you to use standard 1/4” cables to connect to audio interfaces and other standard music gear. The removable adhesive pads are re-washable and retain their stickiness over time. The acoustic transparency of these pads coupled with the specially engineered base makes the Mogees sensor one of the best contact microphones on the market.


      Choose from a growing selection of versatile sound engines,

      Specifically designed to be controlled with your gestures.

      MUON: Physical Modelling Re-Synthesizer

      Interpol808: a classic drum machine emulator

      Blue Steel: a complex Karplus-Strong steel string resonator

      Foxtrot: a retro-electro percussive drum synth 

      MIDI input

      MIDI Input allows you to re-imagine and perform existing tracks live. The notes are synced to your MIDI tracks, so you can focus on the sound and timing of your performance.

      MIDI output

      MIDI Output allows you to turn any object into a MIDI controller. Playback your own samples, trigger clips and control FX with your gestures
    • Mogees Vibration Trigger Sensor TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

    • Mogees Vibration Trigger Sensor SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:


      ** Please note, system requirements may change. For the most recent system requirements please visit the manufacturer's official product listing **

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