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Mojave MA-50 Large-diaphragm Transformerless Condenser Microphone

The Mojave MA-50 is a transformer less large diaphragm condenser microphone featuring a fixed cardioid polar pattern. Designed by David Royer, the MA-50 is Mojave’s “budget” large-diaphragm studio microphone, aimed initially at home and project studio users. Transformerless microphones have an inherent inability to adequately capture sharp transients. In essence, the concept behind the MA-50 was to address the deficiencies of transformerless microphones, and build a high quality microphone to exceed them. The MA-50 can handle fast transients even up to 140dB! The MA-50 is a great alternative to the Neumann TLM 103, and a great addition to any studio. 

    • Mojave MA-50 PRODUCT FEATURES:

      Large-diaphragm cardioid 3-micron capsule
      Fixed-cardioid polar pattern
      Transformerless circuitry
      Very low noise
      Includes professional shock mount
      Simple – yet elegant design - perfect for home recording
      High SPL handling
      Fast transient response

      Recommended applications:
      Acoustic Instruments
      Drum Overheads
      Percussion Instruments

      TRANSDUCER TYPE: Externally polarized pressure gradient capacitor
      DIAPHRAGM: 1-inch diameter, gold sputtered
      DIAPHRAGM THICKNESS: 3-microns
      POLAR PATTERN: Cardioid
      FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 Hz- 20 kHz, + 3 dB
      SENSITIVITY: -40 dB re. 1V/pa
      MAXIMUM SPL: 125 dB
      DISTORTION: <0.5% @140 dB SPL
      SELF NOISE: Better than 16 dB (A weighted)
      IMPEDANCE: <100 ohms
      RECOMMENDED LOAD: 1500 ohms or higher
      POWERING: 48VDC phantom power; current 2 mA.
      Carrying case with microphone, shock mount: 10” x 9” x 4.5”, 4 lbs.
      Microphone: 7 5/8” X 2” (194mm x 51mm), 1 lb. (0.45Kg)
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