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Neumann KM 185 Stereo Set Hypercardioid Miniature Microphones

The Neumann KM 185 Stereo Set offers an amazing pair of Neumann hypercardioid small diaphragm condenser microphones, complete with clips, wind shields and a protective wooden case. Please see the link below for further information on the KM 185 microphone. Available in two different finishes - black & nickel.

The Neumann KM 185 is also available as a single microphone. 

    • Neumann KM 185 Stereo Set PRODUCT FEATURES:

      KM 185 Applications:
      Especially for recording situations when it is necessary to attenuate off-axis sound (lateral and rear) from other nearby instruments.
      As XY stereo pair
      Overhead, toms
      To attenuate unwanted sound of nearby instruments
      Recording of speech, as in TV, movie and video productions, PA systems
      Produces especially warm and bass supporting sound for artists who perform in proximity effect range

      These are just some of the most common applications. We recommend additional experimentation to gain maximum use from this microphone. 
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