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PreSonus HP60 Headphone Mixing System


The PreSonus HP60 is arguably the most flexible and advanced headphone-mixing system in its price class. With the HP60, when you talk, everyone listens. Hit the Talk button and use the talkback-mic input and your favorite dynamic mic to tell ‘em what to do. You can even use a footswitch to control the talkback hands-free.


      Each channel also has stereo line outputs that can send a copy of the line-level headphone-channel mix to additional headphone amplifiers or monitor systems. So if you have a large band and need more than six headphones, you can chain two or more HP60s.

      • 6 screaming-loud (150 mW/channel) headphone amplifiers, each with:
        • Headphone level control
        • Mix control (blends signals from input pairs A and B)
        • Mute switch (mutes input pairs A and B)
        • Stereo external input with level control
        • Mono switch for external input
      • Stereo (L/R) line outputs
      • 2 stereo input channels (A and B)
      • Talkback-microphone input with:
        • Mic-level control
        • Talk button (momentary switch)
        • Footswitch jack for hands-free talkback operation
      • Input/Output:
        • 4 balanced ¼” analog line inputs (L/R Mix input pairs A and B)
        • 6 stereo ¼” external analog line inputs (1 per channel) for “more me,” with trim controls
        • 6 stereo ¼” headphone outputs (front panel)
        • 6 stereo ¼” line outputs (1 per channel); carries a copy of the channel mix
        • 1 balanced XLR input for external dynamic talkback microphone
        • 1 ¼” footswitch jack for hands-free talkback operation

      • Input A: (2) ¼” TRS balanced 10k Ohms
      • Input B: (2) ¼” TRS balanced 10k Ohms
      • External input: TRS stereo unbalanced 10k Ohms
      • Headphone amplifier output power: 150 mW RMS (60 Ohms) per channel
      • Audio outputs: ¼” TRS stereo unbalanced per channel
      • Master controls: Talk button, Talkback volume, Input A, Input B
      • Channel controls: Headphone level, Mix A/B control, External input level, Mono, Mute
      • External talkback: XLR with TS external control jack
      • Power: IEC - factory configured for 115V or 230V
      • Dimensions: 1U - 19"(W) X 1.75" (H) X 5.5"
      • Weight: 8.0 lbs.

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