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Primacoustic Surface Mount Push-On Impaler

The Primacoustic Push-On Impalers have been designed to increase the speed of installation for commercial contractors -employing a series of sharp, protruding darts that allow precise positioning of acoustic panels on the wall without having to worry about a hanging offset.


      • Protruding spinal darts for direct push-on installation
      • Lets you snug panels together end-to-end
      • Minimal wall defacement only requires filling a hole

      The design also allows panels to be butted up end-to-end for seamless installations where larger acoustic surfaces need to be created.

      Shipped 24 to a box, the Push-On Impaler is made from a heavy galvanized steel plate and is equipped with elongated mounting slots for stud mounting. Installation is equally easy in plaster board, sheetrock or masonry using the triple-action Cobra Anchors.

      For more security in high traffic zones, the Push-On Impaler is equipped with a glue zone at the center of the panel. This allows you to add a dab of adhesive to firmly hold the panel in place. This is also a good idea when installing Broadway panels in public places such as schools. Since the adhesive only makes contact with the Impaler and the panel, you do not suffer the problem associated with foam panels that causes wall defacement due to the glue residue.


      Material 20 gauge galvanized steel
      Dimensions 3" x 5" (7.62cm x 12.70cm); Offset 3.5" ( 8.89cm) from wall surface
      Attachment Points 4 (Use an appropriate fastener for wall surface)
      Max Load Limit 10lbs (4.53kg) dependant on wall fastener
      Number per Box 24 per box
      Order Number F101-1003-00


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