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Radial Engineering


Radial JPC Computer Direct Box


The Radial JPC DI has been designed to accept audio signals from laptops, phones, computers, tablets, DVD / CD players and provide a clean balanced output signal that can connect seamlessly into professional audio equipment. Excellent for live or studio applications. The JPC has RCA, 1/4 inch and a stereo 1/8 inch TRS input connectors. There are 2 x balanced male XLR outputs at mic-level. The Radial JPC Computer Direct Box has a ground lift button too.


      The JPC is a stereo consumer to mic level interface that offers a myriad of input connector options to simplify interfacing your computer, DVD/CD, MP3 player or other consumer audio device with the world of balanced professional audio equipment. As with all Radial products, tremendous attention has been paid to quality construction and delivering exceptional audio performance while eliminating noise.

      - Easy to use stereo interface for laptop computers
      - Active signal path with transformer isolation
      - Eliminates hum and buzz common to PCs
      - Full connector options set for easy interface

      Specifications are subject to change without notice.
      Audio circuit type: Unity Gain buffers and inverters using low noise high end audio grade operational amplifiers
      Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz +/- 2dB
      Dynamic range: 111dB
      Noise floor: -97dB below 0dB Out
      Equivalent input noise: -94dBu
      Maximum input: +17dBu
      Phase deviation: +29º at 20Hz | -5º at 1kHz | -80º at 20kHz
      Total harmonic distortion: 0.01% @ -15dBu Output
      Inter-modulation distortion: Less than 0.15% at any level below clipping
      Input impedance: 10kΩ
      Output impedance: 600Ω
      Input pad: -15dB
      48V power LED: Two 48V phantom indicators, one for each channel
      Ground lift: Disconnects pin-1 at the XLR outputs
      XLR configuration: AES standard (pin-2 hot)
      Power: 48V Phantom Power (each channel requirers 48V phantom)
      Construction: 14 gauge steel chassis and outer shell
      Finish: Durable powder coat
      Size: 3.3" x 5.0" x 2" (84 x 127 x 48mm)
      Weight: 1.55lb (720 g)
      Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
      Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable
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