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Radial SGI-44 Studio Guitar Interface

The Radial SGI-44 Studio Guitar interface, is a DI that has an identical signal path internally, that can be used to extend cable runs on stage, or hook up a pedal board that’s far away wirelessly. In the studio, you can also use 2 x SGI-44’s to isolate your amp from your control room and pedalboard.


      - Bidirectional long-distance 'send & receive' effects router
      - Drive guitar & bass signals beyond 100 meters
      - 100% discrete class-A circuitry
      - Works with the Radial JX44 guitar & amp selector

      Using the SGI-44 to extend a guitar cable:
      As with all audio equipment, make sure signal levels are turned down before making connections. This will eliminate turn on transients from causing harm to more sensitive electronic devices. The Radial SGI-44 is and advanced interface that is plug & play easy to use.
      Connect the source to the input, the XLR send to a second SGI-44's receive and the output to a guitar amp. Set the Drag Control to 12 o'clock and listen. Turning the control counter-clockwise will increase the load which will have the effect of darkening the signal. Turning Drag clockwise will brighten the tone. Adjust to suit.
      This set-up is often used in the studio or on a stage where the amplifiers are moved off stage to reduce the sound pressure on stage and bleed from the stage going into the audience.

      Using the SGI-44 as an effects loop:
      Connect the SGI-44 as described above only this time, the source will typically come from a wireless system or the Radial JX44. The SGI-44 lets you send the signal to a series of distant guitar pedals that are located at the front of the stage and then using a second unit, it sends the signal back to the amps.
      A convenient tuner output lets you monitor the signal at either end. When used with the JX44 and the JR5 footswitch, you can remotely mute the signal for tuning and then bring the system back to life with a single foot stomp.

      Specifications are subject to change without notice.
      Audio circuit type: Active 100% discrete class-A with transformer isolation
      Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (-2dB)
      Signal to noise ratio: 100dB (0dBu input)
      Dynamic range: 105dB
      Noise floor: -100dBu
      Maximum input: +2dBu
      Total harmonic distortion: 0.005% @ 1k
      Inter-modulation distortion: 0.02% @ 1k
      Input impedance: Variable from 10k Ohms ~ 1 megaOhm
      Output impedance: 218 Ohms (¼" unbal. output); 280 Ohms (TX bal. output)
      Instrument input: ¼" unbalanced input
      Tuner output: ¼" unbalanced output
      TX output: Bal. XLR output (Studio Guitar Interface)
      RX input: Bal. XLR input (Studio Guitar Interface) with gnd. lift
      Drag™: Variable input impedance control
      XLR configuration: AES standard (pin-2 hot)
      Power: +15VDC/400mA adapter included
      Construction: 14 gauge steel chassis & outer shell
      Finish: Durable powder coat
      Size: 4.25" x 2" x 5" (102 x 76 x 165mm)
      Weight: 3lbs. (1.36kg)
      Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
      Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable
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