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Sennheiser e 602-II Dynamic Instrument Microphone


The Sennheiser e 602-II is a dynamic large diaphragm cardioid instrument microphone. The e 602-II has been optimised to record kick drum, bass amps and other low frequency sound sources. It has an excellent transient response, and is equally as useful live as it is in the studio.

    • Sennheiser e 602-II Features:

      Feature Summary:
      Rugged, lightweight aluminium body for stable positioning on long microphone boom arms
      Lightweight high-performance voice coil construction
      Fast transient response
      Low frequency extension
      Ideal for direct use on the most problematic bass signal
      Frequency-independent directivity provides isolation from other on-stage signals
      Humbucking coil
      Integral stand mount

      What's in the box?
      1 e 602-II
      1 pouch
      Instructions for use
    • Sennheiser e 602-II Specifications:

      Dimensions: Ø 60 x 153 mm
      Connector: XLR-3
      Transducer principle (Microphone): dynamic
      Frequency response: 20 - 16000 Hz
      Weight: 318 g
      Pick-up pattern: cardioid
      Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz): 0,25 mV/Pa; (50 Hz) 0,9 mV/Pa
      Nominal impedance: 350 Ω
      Min. terminating impedance: 1000 Ω
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