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Soundbox F300D DQ Full Band Frequency Diffuser - Light yellow (2 per box)

Please contact me with information about availability and pricing for Soundbox F300D DQ Full Band Frequency Diffuser - Light yellow (2 per box)

N.B. Colour is Light yellow (Pantone color code: 1355C)

Superb diffusion capacity for high performance sounds.

For a quick and easy sound upgrade, the F300D Full Band Frequency Diffuser is your best bet. Made from polymer material and high tensile inorganic coating and with its QRD array features, it diffuses sound effectively to reduce sound dryness even in small rooms.

Enhance sound fullness like no other.

It also does a great job of improving sound fullness with its ultra functional design that has a reduced product weight. It also eliminates the typical defects that come from traditional materials so you get superb quality sound that’s rich and vivid. 




Selection of colours:

Base material:

High molecular polymer.


E0 Eco-friendly water based paint.

Acoustic feature:

Combining high tensile inorganic polymer coating, it will satisfy our stringent technical requirement from design on diffusion frequency and density of materials. At the same time, we are able to decrease product weight by eliminating defects of traditional materials. QRD array plays diffusion role effectively. When bettering sound dryness in small rooms, it improves sound fullness and surrounding sense without hurting natural RT60.


Zero Formaldehyde emission; E0 standard


1200mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 100mm (T)




Standard anti-oxidization and anti-resonance treated aluminum fixing system.

Sound absorption coefficient: