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SPL Channel One Recording Channel

The SPL Channel One is a high end recording channel strip, offering a range of practical dynamics processing. These include: Compressor / limiter, de-esser, noise gate and a three band EQ sections. The circuitry in the actual pre-amplifier in the SPL Channel One, is a hybrid solid-state / tube design. There is also an optional analog-digital convertor card for the Channel One, making it one of the most versatile and cost-effective boutique channel strip on the market.

    • SPL Channel One Features:

      The new model 2950 brought a facelift to one of our best-selling products. Now the new SPL design represents the common origin of our channel strips Frontliner, Channel One and Track One.
      However, technically we did not change anything to continue the success of the Channel One with tried and tested quality.

      The Channel One comes with all tools onboard for recording voices, instruments and digital or analog audio sources with the highest sound quality:
      Hybrid Transistor/tube preamplifier
      Noise gate
      3-band EQ
      Headphone monitor
      Options: AD converter, I/O transformers
      Made in Germany

      Each stage contributes to the concept as the ideal recording front-end for world-class sounds the easy way: intelligent automation ensures both intuitive and fast as well as musical operation for the finest recording results.

      Sound On Sound (UK), Paul White
      "Until you've tried something that works this well, the words 'smooth' and 'detailed' won't have nearly as much meaning as after playing with the Channel One. If you're wondering where that elusive 'produced' vocal sound is hiding, look no further – it's in here!"
    • SPL Channel One Specifications:

      Frequency response
      Mic Preamp: 10 Hz-100 kHz (100 kHz = -3 dB)
      Line/Instrument preamp: 10 Hz-180 kHz (100 kHz = -3 dB)
      Common mode rejection (@ -20 dBu)
      1 kHz: -80 dB
      10 kHz: -78 dB
      THD & N (mic preamp): A-weighted
      20 dB -97.1 dBu
      40 dB -91.1 dBu
      65 dB -69.4 dBu
      THD & N (line/instru preamp): A-weighted
      5 dB -99.4 dBu
      20 dB -97.2 dBu
      42 dB -79 dBu
      Input impedance:
      Line: 20 kOhm
      Instr.: 1 MOhm
      Max. input level:
      Line: +22 dBu
      Instr.: +14 dBu 

      Dynamic range: 119 dB
      Max. output level XLR/jack: +20 dBu
      Output impedance: 50 Ohm
      Headphone Amplifier Gain (mic input and 0dBu output level)
      -20dBu at 25%
      -10dBu at 40%
      -5dBu at 55%    
      0dBu at 70%
      +5dBu at 75%
      +10dBu at 90%
      +14dBu at 100%

      Power Supply
      Toroidal transformer 20 VA
      Fuses 315 mA (230 V / 50 Hz)
      Fuses 630 mA (115 V / 60 Hz)
      Voltage Selector 230V / 115V
      Ground Lift switch
      Dimensions & Weight
      WxHxD: 482x88x210 mm; 19"x3.46"x8.27"
      Weight 4.15kg;9.15lbs

      0dBu = 0.775V. Subject to change without notice.
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