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SPL Mercury Mastering DA converter

The SPL Mercury is the first Mastering DA converter in 120V rail technology. Mercury is a stereo digital to analog converter that fulfills the highest demands both technologically and tonally. A total of seven digital inputs, two AES/EBU, two SPDIF, two TOSLINK as well as USB can be connected to Mercury. AES input 2 also supports Dual-Wire (DW) mode. Each digital sources has its dedicated and illuminated switch for instant selection and fast comparison.

The Mercury uses our 120V technology instead of the standard technology. And this twice in the newly developed DLP120 module. DLP stands for "Dual Low Pass". These are two separate analog filters in 120V technology. Depending on the type of digital signal, the analog signal passes through the PCM or DSD filter and can freely unfold into a huge dynamic range. This is audibly better.