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Studiologic Numa X Piano GT 88-Note Digital Piano

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It's a revolution for digital piano players. Hi-end features, sounds and effects, designed and organized in an amazing intuitive and effective way to offer the best feeling in performance, under every aspect and in every context.

With an incredibly powerful brand-new sound engine, four parts easily assignable to internal sounds or to external midi, four track built-in digital mixer, USB audio interface and the best touch ever, it’s the ultimate keyboard for the ultimate user.

Disruptive ease, incredibly powerful
Numa X Piano GT represents a real revolution for digital piano players.

Like never before unlimited hi-end features, sounds and SFX have been designed and organized to be controlled in such an easy, intuitive and effective way to offer the best feeling in performance, under every aspect and in every context.

In other words, Numa X Piano is the perfect merger between a top-quality musical instrument based on a new Sound Generation architecture, with a four Zone MIDI Controller derived from the renowned SL Line, with the addition of a 4 Tracks Digital Mixer. A powerful combination for Studio and Live gigs, with a brand new disruptive UX Experience.

UXlogic: a revolutionary (and stylish) UX Experience
UX logic is the name of our innovative adaptive color user interface.

The color display and the color-coded Encoders are always synchronized with the selected Zone, allowing to have a clear and easy access to all functions with a direct approach and might allow to navigate all real-time settings in an intuitive way.

An uncrowded control panel, which contributes to the elegant design of Numa X Piano, is the

pleasant “side effect” of such an effective and rational interface.

Powerful Acoustic and Electric physical modeling, plus HD Sound FX
The Sounds engines are based on a powerful mix of Sampling, Wave Shaping and a real Physical Modeling.

Besides the 8 Insert FX, 2 for each Zone and the Master Delay and Reverb (with FDN Technology) sections, the Acoustic Piano Sounds have dedicated DSP Effects to simulate Strings and Duplex Resonances, plus Release, Key Off and Damper noise sounds. Specific ZOOM settings are available, allowing to obtain an endless variety of sounds just making different settings of some editing parameters, which can be stored in each Program.

Let your fingers go with the FATAR touch
Numa X Piano models are equipped with the most up-to-date evolutions of Fatar hammer action keyboards: the TP/400 Wood with 3 contacts and Escapement, plus Aftertouch control, or the new TP/110 with 3 contacts and Aftertouch.

NUMA Manager and Sounds database expansion
A big section of the internal memory is left free for additional Sounds, to be published on our website. All Factory and new User Sounds can be moved to other positions in the list, thanks to the Numa Manager desktop app, that will also allow to update the Firmware and organize the Programs in a fast and easy way.

Audio over USB
Thanks to the USB-Audio feature, you can exchange sounds in digital format with your computer or tablet and even use the instrument as an Audio Board, with a local direct Control on the Audio Levels.

Built-in Digital Mixer
Numa X Piano also includes 4 Audio Inputs and a 4 tracks Digital Mixer with Gain, Bass, Mid and Treble controls, allowing to use this unique feature as a built in Mixer for external sources, such as microphones, bass, guitars or other keyboards.