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TC Electronic


TC Electronic Monitor Pilot Multi-Monitor Switching Control Station with Elegant Desktop Controller and Calibrated Listening


Multi-monitor switching control station for up to three sets of studio monitors and one set of headphones


  • Multi-monitor switching control station for up to three sets of studio monitors and one set of headphones

  • Easy access master volume control in elegant design with monitor switching controls

  • Separated I/O housing and control panel for tidy cable runs and sleek aesthetic

  • High-quality main studio stereo XLR inputs and 1/8" TRS jack input for use with external media devices

  • All stereo outputs include independent precision trim pots for calibrated listening

  • High-quality passive switching to A/B between monitor sets

  • All-analog signal path retains original audio quality

  • High-grade aluminum desktop control housing with visual feedback of active speaker set

  • Extremely easy to setup and use

  • Universal wall wart included

Calibrated Listening

With individual trim pots for speaker outputs, you can keep the playback levels even across the various speaker sets you have connected. In short, no level jumps when you switch between speakers. But why is that important?

Well, our ears and brain react differently to various listening levels. For instance, voices live in the mid-range, which is likely the reason why our brain emphasizes the mid-range at low levels, while we allow more bass and treble to come through at higher listening levels. Consequently, if you mix at low levels you would be likely to boost the lows and highs more than you would at a higher listening level.

Now, there can be many reasons for mixing at low or high levels, but whatever the case you should make sure that the level is consistent, as jumping levels will affect your all-important mixing decisions. Simply keep your playback at the same SPL with MONITOR PILOT and take your mixing approach to the next level – even when using headphones.

In conclusion, you get a more informed starting point that will ultimately allow you to make better calls when mixing and mastering your productions.