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TC Electronic


TC Electronic Shaker MINI Vibrato

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The TC Electronic Shaker MINI Vibrato gives both subtle and pronounced vibrato effects - from Leslie-type tones, cool Mellotron vibes through to fragile 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' type sounds or a modern 'bottom of the ocean' swirl. Size matters in all aspects of life. More volume is better than less, 2 guitars are better than one, etcetera, etcetera. But when it comes to pedals, a tiny form factor combined with a great sound is the clear winner for guitarists - so that's what we've provided!

    • TC Electronic Shaker MINI Vibrato PRODUCT FEATURES:

      TonePrint – Signature Effects

      Shaker Vibrato is TonePrint enabled. This means you get the revered TC sound multiplied to infinity with rockstar-customized versions of the best vibrato sounds known to guitarkind- free of charge!

      Time To Shake Things Up!

      From a subtle warble to Leslie sounds, Shaker Vibrato does what it can to liven things up! From the killer stock sound to an endless world of Toneprints, you've got everything you need to add some subtle vibes or kick up a storm!

    • TC Electronic Shaker MINI Vibrato TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:

      • TonePrint-enabled - load Shaker Mini Vibrato with your favorite artist's tone
      • Free TonePrint Editor to create your own custom vibrato pedal
      • Beam-enabled - send TonePrints to Shaker Mini Vibrato through our free TonePrint App for iPhone and Android
      • Ultra-small footprint - so wear tiny shoes!
Need more info on the Shaker MINI Vibrato? Click HERE for the manufacturer's website >>>