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Teenage Engineering


Teenage Engineerings ZM4 Line Module for OP-Z

Rediscover OP–Z! line module is designed to bring audio signals into and out of the OP–Z.

Use external audio signals in your mix, send the audio from selected tracks out, switch easily between mono and stereo signals, and even make fx loops with your favourite effect pedals.

Audio line in/out
Now you can easily connect anything with an audio output to your OP–Z: effect pedals, radio, synths, computer or even your phone. with audio out, you can separate and process individual tracks by routing them to the module output. the line module stereo output can even be used as two mono outputs.

Sync in/out
Tempo sync other compatible gear to OP–Z so you’re on the beat, all the time.

Midi in/out
Line module allows you to use OP–Z to control other synths with midi input, by using the OP–Z sequencer with your external equipment. with midi in, you can use an external midi controller, keyboard or computer to control your OP–Z.

Trig in/out
Tempo sync and trigger sounds on modular synths, like the pocket operator modular or other modular synths, by using trig out. trig in allows any track on OP–Z to be triggered by an external signal, such as a drum machine, to single-step and advance the sequence.

PO out
Tempo sync your pocket operators and other compatible gear. have them follow the tempo of the OP–Z.