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Triad-Orbit The Precision SM-UM1 Speaker Mount

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Shipping August 2022

The patent pending SM-UM1 is a stand alone “universal” speaker mounting system is designed for both stereo and Dolby Atmos setups and any situation where smaller, lighter speakers are called for.

The Precision SM-UM1 is designed to accommodate a smaller, lighter range of speakers than the larger SM-1. As Immersive sound grows, smaller Atmos mix rooms are becoming more common, thus, the SPL levels are lower at a closer proximity and larger format studio monitors are less neccessary. UM1 does not use the pin locking system that SM-1 boasts, yet the powerful tilt function has built-in locking teeth. The pan knob has adequate strength to hold the pan adjustment in place. The universal mount pattern of UM1 allows it to adapt to virtually any 2-hole speaker pattern, regardless of manufacturer up to 26 lbs. The back plate of UM1 has been designed to slide into our WM-1 wall mount for ease of installation, if desired. 


This product should only be installed by someone with an audio-video systems installation background. Such installer should have basic building experience and a complete understanding of the included documents. You are advised to consult a qualified installation contractor before installing this product.