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NAMM 2015 - Arturia AudioFuse USB Audio Interface

January 23, 2015 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Audio technology has taken some massive leaps over the last few years so it sometimes takes a big splash to cause much of a wave. This seems especially true in the 'unsexy' realm of the Portable Audio Interface - with such a plethora already widely available on the market, it's easy for new devices to fly under the radar without gathering the attention they may deserve. 

Making it's first dive into this seemingly endless ocean of portable audio interfaces, the new Arturia AudioFuse USB Audio Interface is splashing nicely.  With a very impressive feature set boasting higher than average D/A and A/D conversion, a variety of digital/analog connectivity not usually found in an interface of it's size, plus USB class compliancy with as low as 3ms latency, it will likely be a very attractive portable solution for both Mac and Windows users.

Additionally, the control panel has been cleverly designed to offer a quicker, more efficient experience overall. And, it all comes in a sexy aluminum finish (available in three colors) with a velvet lined lid to top it off...nice!

Arturia have surely taken some risks with the AudioFuse as they'll be going against some big fish in the sea.  However, with such an impressive feature set, the AudioFuse is looking to be more of a predator than prey!

The AudioFuse is due around the second quarter of 2015 with an estimated retail value of US$550.

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Arturia AudioFuse USB Interface

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