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TC Helicon Voicelive 3 Software Update brings MIDI Sync and Advanced Loop Control

March 18, 2015 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Voicelive 3 Software Update

TC Helicon as announced a software update for it's flagship Voicelive 3 Vocal Effects Processor.This new software update brings a number of new features and improvements to the already awesome Voicelive 3.

Voicelive 3 Midi Sync

A lot of users have been hanging out for MIDI sync capabilities. Now you can sync the tempos of your vocal/guitar delays, rhythmic and even loops to an external clock source and keep your entire performance lock step with tracks, sequences, DAW's etc.

In the video Tom from TC Helicon gives you a quick overview while using delays and loops, in time with his drum machine pedal.



Advanced Looping Control, MP-76 Microphone Support and more

The addition of MIDI sync is obviously huge, but this software update has a lot more going on. Too many cool features to list, but check out the following game changers:

  • Control your looping with optional switch-3 or switch-6 foot controllers
  • Use the new MP76 Vocal mic for advanced control options directly from your mic
  • Chord detection has been improved to deliver even more accurate harmonies

Craig from TC Helicon provides an overview of some of the additional features in this video:


The new software is available now. You can update your Voicelive 3 to the latest software via the VoiceSupport software application.

If you don't own a TC Helicon Voicelive 3 yet, you can buy one here

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