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Getting Hands On With Hack Sounds

October 27, 2016 2 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Hack Sounds Live Electronic Jam

Hack Sounds is a not-for-profit Electronic Music project that provides hands-on, interactive music-making sessions free to the community. It has been built around an inclusive model, so that it can cater for those with a disability, or those without any prior musical knowledge, but at the same time aims to be enjoyable and worthwhile for those with significant skills or even music hardware enthusiasts. Hack Sounds is all inclusive - they don't turn their back on anyone! 

Hack Sounds mission is to find new and interesting ways for people with a disability to interact with music technology and ultimately create and produce electronic music. Using a combination of hardware instruments, people can get hands on and see instant benefit. Instruments like the Moog Theremin and the Mogeesvibration sensor provide instant visual and audible feedback. Other instruments like the Akai Tom Cat drum machine and keyboards also offer a great sense of gratification. Hack Sounds participants also get hands on with the software and hardware combination of Ableton Push and Ableton Live

They aim to not only unlock ("hack") the individual talents of the group, but also the instruments, such as re-purposing their Theremini to become a control surface - there's something so satisfying about using a hand - wave to trigger a massive delay, or tweak the cutoff of a soft-synth.

The real fun starts when participants gather around the table and perform live Jams. It's really impressive to see a musical project grow from its very first jam, to what eventually sounds like a perfectly crafted track. 

Sounds Easy is proud to support and sponsor Hack Sounds. It's held at 107 Projects in Redfern Sydney - If you'd like to get involved or say hi, send an email to the great people at Hack Sounds! 

Sessions are at 6pm on Mondays

Hack Sounds Info:



Hack Sounds Website

INSTAGRAM - instagram.com/hacksounds


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