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NAMM 2017: Teenage Engineering OP Z and PO-32 tonic.

January 25, 2017 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

The OP Z is a 16 step sequencer with 16 tracks, that draws inspiration from the Teenage Engineering OP 1. What’s really amazing though, is the OP Z can also sequence video too! You can also connect to your screen to make programming more visible. Check out the video below for an in depth demonstration.

Making Music on the OP Z:

The buttons on the OP Z are representative of a musical keyboard. The 16 tracks to sequence are laid out: 4 x drum tracks, then bass, lead, arpeggio and chords. The other 8 tracks are divided into 4 x FX tracks (that can be sequenced too), and the final 4 are dedicated to controlling external devices.

The OP Z is a fun and extremely intuitive way to create beats and tracks on the fly, with the flexibility to really change things up with FX, and incorporate other devices. Once you get right into it, the ability to hook up a screen looks like it will be very advantageous.

PO-32 Tonic:

The 7th pocket-operator from Teenage Engineering. The PO-32 Tonic has added a microphone to its interface. Essentially it’s a cool little drum machine with 16 internal tweak-able sounds, built in speaker, sequencer, parameter locks and step multiplier - all this in the great pocket operator format that we know and love.

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