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NAMM 2017: The Apollo Twin MkII by Universal Audio

January 25, 2017 1 translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

The Apollo Twin’s fast became our most popular desktop interface for Mac with the initial Thunderbolt models, and then Windows when UA released its first USB 3.0 interface.

Apollo Twin MKII gets a facelift

The MkII Twin’s, like the blackface rack-mount Apollo’s, have had a make-over. Universal Audio has updated the Thunderbolt Twin’s to include their latest designs in convertor technology; boasting a higher dynamic range and lower THD+ noise. 

Still available with Solo and Duo internal DSP chips, UA have also added a third Twin that includes a Quad core DSP processor!

Other very cool features include a new talkback mic with flexible cue-mix options. Plus, the function buttons can be used for handy things like monitor dim and mono,or alternate monitor select. Universal Audio suggest that the MkII Twins can be added to existing Apollo systems, creating the ultimate desktop studio control. Plus, you can also integrate the extra DSP power, a couple of extra mic-inputs and headphone outs to your setup too!

At this stage there has been no update to the Windows only USB 3.0 Apollo Twin. However, by using a Thunderbolt 2 - USB 3.0 Type C adapter, the Apollo Twin MkII will work with Windows based systems too.

The New Apollo Twins are available NOW:

Apollo Twin Solo MKII
Apollo Twin Duo MKII
Apollo Twin Quad MKII

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